Starting a Business in Uganda

Choosing how to start your business can be a great decider for success or failure. Learn more about what form of business to start and what each for means, whether Enterprise, Company or Partnership.


Find out more about taxation and what your obligation is to the Revenue authorities.

Contracts Law

One of the most critical parts of conducting business is contracting, whether a small business or individual. Learn more about the best way to write contracts, their important aspects and how to enforce them.

Buying and Selling

The very essence of business, learn more about how to conduct activities while buying or selling goods and services. Lean more about the laws governing these activities and what you can do at each step

Foreigner Business in Uganda

For businesses owned or run by non-citizens, this is a great resource for you to learn more about the status of your business and business employment. Learn what you need and where you need to go.

Intellectual Property

For entrepreneurs whose business entreprise/ activity is based on the product of your thoughts – written works, software, and other intellectual outputs. This section guides you on what to do and how to protect and enforce these outputs and rights.

About the MSME Garage

The mSME Garage is a component of BarefootLaw which provides specialised support for small business. It's services include legal guidance and process support as well as template documents.

The mSME Garage was formed to tackle the major challenge faced by small businesses in Uganda which are the livelihood of most Ugandans given that an estimated 28% of Uganda's adults have started up businesses with over 50% of the businesses started up every year collapsing within the first year. The mSME Garage was designed to help target this and provide the legal support small businesses have been lacking. As part of the mSME Garage your benefits are:

  • Personalised Support Leading to an Understanding of Compliance and Liability of your business
  • Access to a Lawyer for your business
  • Access to group training on the Legal regime governing business sectors.
  • Access to a self-service platform with ability to prepare Business Legal Documents.
  • Guides and Templates for download or access online anywhere.
  • Free business specific advisory from start to growing your business.