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The objective is to ascertain the subtle areas where law and business intersect to customize subsidised legal services to businesses within the mSME sector to ensure both stability and scalability

Specific Areas of Interest

You need to be conscious of certain legal information whether you want to start a business or you already have one operating in order to make choices that will be advantageous to you and your business both now and in the future.

Starting a Business in Uganda

In Uganda, before one proceeds to start a business or trade, it’s important to know the nature of business, and what…..

Foreigner Business in Uganda

Any person in Uganda who is not a citizen of Uganda is considered to be a foreigner. The Constitution of Uganda, defines…..

Intellectual Property Rights

Property is anything that can be owned by a person. Originally property only applied to things which had a form or…..

Buying And Selling

A sale of goods contract is your usual type of contract that you get into with people every day. When you buy a soda,

Company Law

A Company can simply be defined as a business which is incorporated under the Companies Act of Uganda Act No. 1 of


As an entrepreneur, one of the most confusing areas concerns taxes. This because failure to pay taxes usually attracts a

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We bring you the Latest articles with legal information and advice curated just for you and your Business

  • The mystery of insurance explained

    THE MYSTERY OF INSURANCE EXPLAINED What is Insurance?Insurance happens when a person (insured) pays a certain amount of money (called premium) to an insurance company (insurer). This money is paid

  • Becoming Tech Savy in a Tech Era

    We live in a world where technology is taking over. Many business have failed to adapt to the times and have had to close up shop. Perhaps no example is

  • mSME Garage weekly news feed

    E-commerce, commonly known as online business has not only propelled global trade but as well as local trade. Many people in Uganda are now involved in online business but succeeding

  • Pension Saving for The Informal sector

    When one thinks of pension saving in Uganda there mind will not be far from thinking about the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). NSSF for long has been focused to

  • Are Ugandans the Laziest Employees in The world

    According a report from a 2016 survey on executive performance in East Africa, Uganda reportedly has the laziest people in East Africa with the lowest productivity in terms of value-added

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