Welcome to our  website! Our organization has a rich history that spans many years and is grounded in a deep commitment to providing our clients with exceptional legal services.

Our organisation has grown and evolved, expanding our practice areas and taking on complex legal challenges in a wide range of industries. We are proud of our history of success, and our reputation for excellence has been built on a foundation of hard work, dedication, and a relentless focus on achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

How it all began

Uganda has since the turn of the 2010s received its fair share of plaudits for the entrepreneurial assertiveness of her people and rightly so. What is not obviously visible, however, is the fact that despite this assertiveness, the lifespan of these businesses is alarmingly low with some statistics showing that 70% of these do not live to see their second anniversary. This much was obvious to BarefootLaw in its work of dissipating free legal information using innovative methods. The Organisation was prompted to start a project to customize legal information to this sector that contributes a mammoth share to the private sector in Uganda. The name given to this project was the mSME Garage; mSME as a description of what sector it was curating tools to target and Garage as a figure of speech to reflect how the law was going to be applied to the sector; as a tool to fix blatant issues that were plaguing the business community in Uganda.

The consumption of this legal information, whereas enlightening, was not conclusively remedial. It was clear that those who had attained legal information inevitably needed the consequent legal services that BarefootLaw by legal nature could not give. Whereas in other sectors, legal information is sufficient to empower the recipient into action, it was clear that in the business environment, the acquaintance of persons with legal information still left them unable to act upon this information with the surgical precision that business law demands. BarefootLaw had modelled itself as a provider of legal information and as such, its mandate limited it from providing these legal services. It nonetheless did not resign from its resolve toward these businesses and so, the mSME Garage Limited was incorporated as an independent Company Limited by Guarantee on the 17th day of February 2016.

To this day more than 5000 businesses have benefited from the services of the Company and this number is exponentially rising as the Company takes more intentional steps to avail itself to a business community that is ubiquitously distributed across the country, physically and also virtually.