Becoming Tech Savy in a Tech Era

We live in a world where technology is taking over. Many business have failed to adapt to the times and have had to close up shop. Perhaps no example is more prevalent than that of Kodak, a business that had drowned in the amidst of technology advances. In light of this, we have compiled 5 helpful tools to going digital that will help your business to thrive.
Get a business email address
Email has become one of the most common ways in which people communicate. Email allows your customers and clients to reach you easily and enables you to run email campaigns that advertise your business. (Email campaigns are much easier to track than flyers!) Without an email address, you risk alienating an entire generation of online consumers.
Get a website
Websites legitimise your business to a world that is increasingly present online. The first thing the digital generation does when they hear of something new is Google! They will google your business to make sure it is real and to find out more information. So, build a website with all the relevant information about your business. When creating your website, make sure it is user friendly. There is nothing more irritating than a website that is difficult to navigate and hard to use; this will reduce traffic on your website. Google analytics is a great tool for tracking your website and its impact. To learn more about google analytics, click here.
Establish a digital footprint on social media
There are over 1.86 billion Facebook users. This means that Facebook has enough users to form a country in its own right! Establishing a presence on social media platforms is equally as important as building a website. Why? Because consumers will search for you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and often use online reviews and comments to verify the quality of your business. Moreover, social media is a great place to market your business and run targeted campaigns. Facebook in particular, has been known to boost sales by 24%. For a few tips on increasing Facebook engagement, take a look at this article.
Invest in a Social Media and Brand Manager
Running social media presence may seem simple but it is fast becoming a sought-after skill in the corporate sector. If you have enough capital, invest in a manager who understands how social media works and understands your brand and your market. This can make all the difference in ensuring that your marketing campaigns are effective and reach the right people.
Use google applications
Use google drive, google doc, google sheets and google slides! These are useful tools available for document storage and help you create documents that team members can easily access and edit. Google applications enable you to share your work without having to send a million emails. Any changes made to the documents you create on Google are saved automatically; say goodbye to losing important documents. To create a google account and have access to all these wonderful applications, click here.



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