The mystery of insurance explained

THE MYSTERY OF INSURANCE EXPLAINED What is Insurance?Insurance happens when a person (insured) pays a certain amount of money (called premium) to an insurance company (insurer). This money is paid to cover loss against a certain event. For example:A person insures his house against fire, if fire breaks out, then the person can go to […]

Becoming Tech Savy in a Tech Era

We live in a world where technology is taking over. Many business have failed to adapt to the times and have had to close up shop. Perhaps no example is more prevalent than that of Kodak, a business that had drowned in the amidst of technology advances. In light of this, we have compiled 5 […]

mSME Garage weekly news feed

E-commerce, commonly known as online business has not only propelled global trade but as well as local trade. Many people in Uganda are now involved in online business but succeeding in this business needs you to have constant update of perfect market information. We therefore give you an insight of economic changes that will guide […]

Pension Saving for The Informal sector

When one thinks of pension saving in Uganda there mind will not be far from thinking about the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). NSSF for long has been focused to pension savings of people in the public sector under formal employment focus is changing however to also include pension savings made by the private and […]

Are Ugandans the Laziest Employees in The world

According a report from a 2016 survey on executive performance in East Africa, Uganda reportedly has the laziest people in East Africa with the lowest productivity in terms of value-added per worker. Let us assume this is true, what could be the problem? WHAT DOES LAZY MEAN? Sometimes one may regard another as lazy when […]

What Being Bankrupt means in Law

Once upon a time (time, time), in a village far far away called Bamboo, there lived a Mr Kalondo, a very rich man. Everyone admired him and wished they were him because for him, he never lacked. He owned most of the big buildings, fancy cars and most of the land in Bamboo. All the […]

6 Things to do when you get a Business

“Illuminati” is not the only reason people are successful. It is common when a person starts their business and are doing well for people to say- “it’s okay, that one did it with Illuminati magic”. Everyone wants to start a business. Everyone wants to make money- but it’s not as easy as wishing. Sometimes the […]