What and who we are at mSME Garage

The mSME Garage is a component of BarefootLaw which provides specialized support of small businesses. Its services include legal guidance and support as well as template documents.

The mSME Garage was formed to tackle the major challenges faced by small businesses in Uganda which are the livelihood of most Ugandans given that an estimates 28% of Uganda’s adults have started up businesses with over 50% of the businesses started up every year collapsing within the first year. The mSME Garage was designed to help target this and provide the legal support small businesses have been lacking.


Benefits of mSME Garage


Personal Support

We enable understanding of compliance and liability of your Business


Easy Access

Lawyers are easily accessible here at the garage


Group Training

Access to group training on the legal regime governing the Business Sector


Self Service

Access to Self Service Platform with ability to prepare business legal services

Our team of Big Thinkers

Rudy Horne

Founder, Brand Strategist

Sabrina Philip

Creative Director

Teegan Squires

Web Designer

Cruz Lowry

Digital Marketing Manager

Brands We Partner With

Let’s get creative

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